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Remember when wasting water felt so good?'s different when you're paying the bills.

Product Description

We have teamed up with Evolve, the first and only company dedicated exclusively to the creation of eco-friendly showerheads, to bring an exclusive offer to our Oregon hoteliers. Together, we have assembled a limited quantity of Evolve Demo Kits, which will be available until they run out...

Each kit includes all of the items featured in the photo:

• (1) Evolve Roadrunner 1.5GPM Showerhead with ShowerStart Technology
• (1) Evolve Gecko Multi-Function 1.5GPM Showerhead (without ShowerStart Technology)
• Instructional shower arm "hang tags"
• Instructional vanity tent card

Evolve is making a name for itself in the consumer market (you may have seen their showerheads in Costco), but they believe that real environmental and economic savings could be gained from having their showerheads in hotel rooms... And we agree. And so does EnergyTrust of Oregon:

Effective August 1, 2009, Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc. is offering a $6 per room rebate to existing hotels for installing new energy-efficient, low-flow showerheads. If you're building a new hotel, that rebate goes up to $12 per room. We'll even provide the rebate form with your order.

So why are Oregon hoteliers getting the special treatment? Aside from tying in the Energy Trust rebate exclusive only to Oregon, we are Oregonians ourselves. Headquartered in Tigard, we have only 24 of these Evolve Demo Kits to offer, so we thought it best to make them available to only our closest customers.

We want you to see for yourself the incredible innovation of their ShowerStart Technology available in the Roadrunner showerhead. You see, when your guest turns on the shower and goes about their business of brushing their teeth or picking out their clothes while the water warms up, your hot water is going right down the drain. With ShowerStart Technology, the showerhead is activated when the water temperature reaches 95° F, at which point the water is slowed to a trickle--no more wasted water, no more wasted energy. To resume the shower, the guest simply pulls the attached hanging cord. It's that simple.

So how much will you save? It depends whether you decide the Roadrunner is right for you, or if you go with the standard-style Gecko:

Estimated annual savings* using the
Roadrunner with ShowerStart Technology
• $10,403 utility savings
• 520,125 gallons water savings
• Less than 5 months payback time

Estimated annual savings* using the
low-flow 1.5GPM Gecko:

• $8,760 utility savings
• 438,000 gallons water savings
• Less than 3 months payback time

*based on 100 room hotel (averaging 70% occupancy) vs. standard 2.5gpm showerhead

After you try these showerheads for yourself, we're confident that you'll want one in every room (of your hotel and your home). So confident, we're offering these demo kits for $19.95 ea. (plus S&H), one-third the wholesale price. Now, you won't be able to get the EnergyTrust rebate on the demos since the rebate requires a minimum of 20 units, but the rebate is ongoing. So there's no pressure to quickly make a decision. You're welcome to try out your new showerheads as long as you wish, in your hotel or in your home. Just remember, the longer you wait to replace all of your showerheads, the more water, energy, and MONEY is going down your drain.

Please don't hesitate to call us, before or after receiving your Evolve Demo Kit, to get a customized discounted bid for your entire project. And don't forget, we're Hospitality Supply, and we provide a lot more than showerheads. You can reach us @ (800) 642-1313.


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